About the Promotion Points

Although Rattenkrieg! can be played like any other war game (two groups of  friends play out a scenario, one side wins and the other loses), there is also another way of playing which is more individual. The issue of Promotion Points (which we are still developing on the web) is more personal, and allows a player to earn points (for himself, not for competing against his opponent) doing things as they would have been done by a Commander of that country using the weapon that would have been used in that scenario.

The promotion system gives points to the player who follows the doctrine for that nationality and “army branch” (infantry, recon, tanks, tank destroyers) while playing. What you have to do to get those points changes in each scenario, since depending on the year, the situation and the environment, the procedures may be different.

These points DO NOT compare with those of the enemy. They do not award the “Victory”, the latter is determined by the conditions of victory, they simply measure the actions of the player as “German infantry Lieutenant ” or “Marines Lieutenant “, at least when he plays using that nationality, and that weapon. This system is optional and voluntary, and each player´s progress record is uploaded to the web, where I intend to further it, offering special scenarios, slightly “tailored” to those players who want to learn more.

Thus, whilst the Japanese command in Eniwetok could not win a Victory, he could earn Promotion Points for acting exactly as a Japanese force would in that situation; for NOT firing his machine gun until the Marines are within ten inches, for employing a platoon to “fix” the Marines while another maneuvers until they can shoot those Marines on one flank; or by moving their machine guns every three bursts, or always firing them at the slowest possible rate. Or even for letting their men be killed and then, when the Marines go to check the bodies, some of those “dead” are discovered to have simulated their death in order to explode a grenade as soon as they touch them …

Those Promotion Points would be for the player as Japanese Infantry Command. And quite possibly, if you accumulate a certain number, they will appear in your bookstore of Rattenkrieg! scenarios (“Missions”) for that same command … More or less that is the idea, which is in continuous development given the infinite possibilities it offers…

A typical Promotion Points page looks like this:

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