On Aggressiveness

The Aggression in Rattenkrieg! derives, in large, from TeCol Dave Grossman’s studies (he teaches at West Point, but less so now since he has focused on police training in retirement).  Although some people do not agree with his theories, the truth is that he explains and modulates the mental processes of a man in combat and situations of personal violence, very well. If you are interested, I recommend one of his books titled “On Killing”.

Bear in mind that in World War II, psychology was already able to distinguish between individuals “capable of cold-blooded killing” and those who would find it hard to kill in most circumstances, but was still unable to detect those who would never be able to kill. The first were selected to join special units, or as snipers. The rest were distributed among the remaining weaponry and corps.

That’s why, in Rattenkrieg !, a Commando can approach a sentry and stick a knife between his ribs, but an “average” infantryman if left alone, can dither –AND A LOT – whatever the controlling player says – before doing the same.

However, that same “average” soldier, can loose control and hack an enemy to death if he sees him killing a colleague in cold blood, and that´s nothing compared to if he sees him killing a defenseless civilian or woman.

Aggressiveness is fairly controllable as long as you have a commander at hand.

Aggressiveness is an optional rule, but if it is used, it totally changes the game. Men stop being robots.

Given the little time we all have each week to enjoy ourselves, I wanted to provide players with the tools to make the most of their time and not waste it doing calculations that will then be argued over because someone forgot to add or subtract whatever.

Here you will find the online tool that will help you to apply the Aggressiveness during the game: