Random Thoughts #1 What Can Be Done Using Rattenkrieg!?

I think it´s wrong that someone should spend their whole week DREAMING of the weekend and playing a good game, and then the game turns out to be frustrating because of the rules.  Situations do arise like when an annoying player ruins a game, or that for playing like an idiot I get almost all my people killed, or a bad hand condemns us to the most humiliating defeat in history, but for someone to get angry because of absurd rules or the because they don´t have the chance to do ANYTHING, is something I´ve always loathed.

In Rattenkrieg! machine guns are area denial weapons. EVERYTHING THAT PASSES IN FRONT OF THEM, be it one man or be it eighty, can be killed.

To get an idea of the best way to approach Rattenkrieg! I recommend that you take a look at these Panzer Grenadier training films from 1944.

(Remember: Everything you see in these training films, can be done using Rattenkrieg!)

Or this one (which, although from 1953 gives you the same idea) about the doctrine used by the US Army on how to secure an urban area.

By the way!!!! talking of the film from the other day with the tank convoy … “M4 Sherman Tank Movements in War:” Security on the March: Mechanized Units “1943 US Army”

Anyway, I never thought of Rattenkrieg! as a multitudinous game, nor a game that I want to sell “willy-nilly”. To start with, because there are SO MANY changes to so many things, that it requires a change of mindset to start playing, and a number of games to get what you´re doing.  There is a very strange period of total desolation as you realize that what you´ve done up until now is of no use to you whatsoever.

In other rules you can ask yourself “can this be done?”, But in Rattenkrieg! the question is not whether something can be done or not – because if you want to do it, it can be done, – the question is “how is this done?” You are sure to find the answer, and furthermore it will seem logical (or at least I hope so).

These rules also give rise to some dismay and raise some doubts … In other games you can start without even having thought about what you´re going to do. You rock up, grab your troops and start playing.  Then what follows is a sort of déjà vu. And a lot of players love that and feel very comfortable with these kinds of rules, which perfectly fulfil their purpose.

But Rattenkrieg! is the opposite. When you arrive and see the table you say “And now what the hell do I do? Where do I go?” And only some players feel at home facing the same situations, with the same weapons in hand as an officer did during World War II.

Then the game goes very fast (sometimes too fast) and you haven’t even got time to go and get a Coca-Cola. And then the rules, with so many options, freak you out. But it´s essentially the same as a car manual. Nobody looks at it until it’s needed. All you have to do is start moving the car, even if it’s in a field.