Random Thoughts #2 (Soldiers or Mobsters?)

I have always been bothered by the old and long-standing custom at the gaming table of “guy I see, guy I kill, no matter what it costs, because there is no greater mission than shooting that guy four times“.  Neither situation, nor mission matter. As soon as someone pokes his nose out, it´s all over; open the floodgates and fire at will!

I’m looking forward to seeing ingenuity brought to the tables.  Send scouts so that the enemy is forced to reveal his position; cover the advance of one squadron with the fire of another, and alternate; use smoke to hide your movement, and above all, use suppression fire, which costs nothing and the mothers of your lead soldiers will be eternally grateful.

In other words, your men should fight like soldiers being commanded by an officer, not like a bunch of ruthless and bloodthirsty mobsters.