Spotting, Aggressiveness and (Arty)Fire Online Tools

Some process in the game may require some kind of calculations, and most of us don’t want to think about calculations while we are playing, so I decided to provide tools for those players who prefer their game to be 100% play, as they can only have one morning a month and need to make the most of every second.

The apps are essentially the rules applied. In both, the “die roll” is the “CALCULATE” button. This is why you may get different results for the same situation.

Don’t be scared about the number of sliders! In a normal situation you will need to adjust maybe one or two. But I included every possible option just in case.

The online tool to spot is here:

For the Aggressiveness Check, here:

And to fire artillery or tank guns, here:

They are compatible with PCs (with mouse), tablet or mobile (touch screen), and once loaded on the browser, they will still work even if you don´t have WIFI or Data (in case someone goes away for the weekend to a VERY remote place).  Simply move the cursors that change the values, and click on the button “Calculate”.