Why Rattenkrieg! Is Free Now?

Rattenkrieg! is not the result of a moment of inspiration while watching  a movie, reading a novel or playing a game.

It’s a product of the need to have some rules with which we could do at the game table what can be done during a fight as it is done in combat.

And what started as simple rules for urban combat grew into Rattenkrieg!

We needed four long years to develop and test these rules. Four years without weekends or holidays.

We started from a situation where every decision required investigation, as we knew very little about the details of the period covered by the rules and we knew that we were addressing a very demanding and above all very well documented audience.

Every time a question arose, we could not simply say “with a die, a result of six means death”, but we had to calculate each probability by distilling information from official reports. And the same was true of impact probabilities, effects of explosions, and penetration data for which we had to look for reports from military laboratories.

We also had to develop software to generate the projectile data, the size of each vehicle or the relative thickness of the armor.

Then we spent many months testing, with a team of volunteers of all kinds (from players with a great ego to others capable of cheating, lovers of other rules, etc.) until we got a system that despite simulating very well the actions of a combat during World War II, was fast, light and very enjoyable.

Now Rattenkrieg! has matured enough to be independent. We will continue to improve what needs to be improved, and fixing what should be fixed, but it already has a stable and working final form.

We are very proud of these rules, which have been enriched thanks to the criticisms and experiences of only a few hundred players from all over the world.

By making them FREE, what we get is that those hundreds of players can share Rattenkrieg! with whoever they want, and that those who don’t know the rules can read them and decide if they like it or not without risking their money.

We are sure that these rules will change the way many players view World War II. And they may feel a reflection of what the men who risked their lives fighting eighty years ago felt.

When they try to cross with their men a street swept by machine gun fire, or engage in combat with another tank using Rattenkrieg! we are sure that their way of playing and understanding war games will change forever.

We think these are excellent reasons to offer it for free.